Closets Plus | East Estero Living – March 2022

Closets Plus - March 2022 Spotlight

SWFL Stays “Organized for Life” with Closets Plus

By Sydney Van Dreason


Dan HopperDan Hopper didn’t always dream of opening a closet and storage solutions business, but he always had the spirit of an entrepreneur.

After owning a liquor store and sales company, Dan decided to shift career paths to include more physical work. He had always had a hobby in woodworking, so he earned a degree in cabinet making and worked in finish carpentry for over 10 years before moving to SWFL.

In 2020, Dan opened up Closets Plus LLC. The business specializes in the design, preparation and installation of custom closets, home offices, entertainment/media pieces, kitchen pantries and more. Since opening, they have completed over 150 projects in the SWFL area.

“Our business’s philosophy is not just to exist, but to be a company that sets itself apart from many others in the aspect of how we conduct our day to day operations,” Dan said.

“This is as simple as being very matter-of-fact and transparent on how we operate and being extremely clear and responsive throughout the process.”

Closets Plus | East Estero Living - March 2022Closets Plus LLC may not be family-owned and operated in a traditional sense, but all of the young professionals who work here feel like their work family is almost like their second family.

“Our staff is full of young professionals who all very much enjoy living/raising families of their own,” Dan said. “With members living in three different counties, each employee serves as a community patron in many ways. Each employee at Closets Plus has been hand-picked to utilize their specific skill set related to our area and current demands of the public to deliver a top-quality product with an outstanding level of customer service.”

Within the company, there is a total of over 20 years of industry-specific experience in the market. The entire team enjoys working in the market, building new relationships, and learning and gaining experiences.

“We enjoy the fact that at the end of each project, we have consumers who are vastly satisfied with the overall result at an affordable

and timely rate,” Dan said. “Just like everyone else, we too are consumers in this market, and we strive daily to keep that in mind and deliver nothing shy of excellence to our clients.”

For more information about Closets Plus LLC, call 239-319-0195 or visit

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