Colonial Animal Hospital – Spotlight March 2022

Gateway Neighbors Spotlight - Colonial Animal Hospital - March 2022

Three Resolutions To Give Your Fur Baby the Best Year Ever

By Dr. Dane Foxwell – Colonial Animal Hospital

2022 is well underway, and it is the time for fresh beginnings and positive life changes. Instead of only considering methods to improve your health this year, why not come up with a few healthy resolutions for your dog or cat, too? Our fur babies add to our quality of life and deserve an amazing life of their own. We owe it to them to pay attention to their health just as we do our own. Listed below are some lifestyle adjustments that can have a big impact on your pet’s life.Colonial Animal Hospital - Gateway Neighbors - March 2022

1. Take a Look at Their Diet

Every single year, lots of people resolve to eat a healthier diet. Why not set the same goal for your four-legged best friend? Not all pet foods are created equal, so be aware when searching for your pet’s new food. Familiarize yourself with your dog or cat’s individual nutritional requirements to find food that’s right for them. If you are unsure where to start, a caring veterinarian is your best bet for advise and direction.

2. Commit to Regular Exercise

In addition to potentially causing obesity, a lack of physical activity frequently leads to behavioral issues, like chewing and other destructive habits. Boost their health and happiness by exercising them daily. Dogs require frequent walks, but games like fetch and hide-and-seek are great forms of exercise, too. Keep your feline friend active by engaging their prey drive with toys. Setting up a few cat trees is an awesome way to encourage your cat to exercise, too.

3. Schedule Wellness Services

Even if your cat or dog is healthy, they need to visit a veterinarian regularly for wellness care. Wellness visits include services like exams, core and lifestyle vaccinations, plus flea, tick, and internal parasite prevention. Routine wellness care is important in terms of ensuring your cat or dog’s long-term health. Keeping up with routine care is a key component of being a responsible and loving pet parent, too. It is never too late to get your four-legged family member’s wellness care back on track.

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