5 Easy Ways to AMPLIFY Advertising Without Adding a Penny to Your Marketing Budget

5 Easy Ways to AMPLIFY Advertising

Did You Know?

There’s more to your advertising campaign than meets the eye.

A whole lot more…

61 Marketing Benefits

Frankly, I stopped counting at Benefit #61. Go to: www.61Benefits.com to download your copy of all the benefits you could tap into to make your brand omnipresent in SWFL.

And if you’re thinking, “Just what I need, another list of all the marketing I’ll never have time to do!”


Many of these are…

1.) Copy & Paste Simple.
2.) Easy to replicate without increasing your marketing budget.

Let’s use the March 2022 issue of Gateway Neighbors & East Estero Living Community Magazines to illustrate…

Inside you would find feature stories spotlighting these magazine partners:

1.) Colonial Animal Hospital (Expert Article): Dr. Foxwell shares 3-Tips to improve the quality of life for our furry friends.

2.) Billee Silva, Jones & Co. Realty (Expert Article): Billee shares a helpful checklist to improve the value of your home.

3.) Closets Plus (Business Story): Owner Dan Hopper started the company in 2020 and has quickly become a dominant player in SWFL providing gorgeous organizational and storage solutions. In the article, Dan gives readers an inside glimpse into Closets Plus and their unique formula for success.

4.) San Carlos Chiropractic (Podcast of the Month): Expert Contributor Dr. Glen Schaffer shares the Power of Forgiveness in this episode of “Coffee with the Doc”. The power of forgiveness goes far beyond right or wrong and has a major impact on our health and well-being.

Sure, all four of our above partners reinforced their Expert Positioning by being published in one of SWFL’s premier neighborhood magazines.

But taking advantage of our Good Neighbor Marketing System is not limited to just our magazines. It’s a marketing strategy that works for all kinds of advertising… print, digital, billboards, video, tv, radio, etc.

Marketing guru Jay Abraham says it best in the title of his best-selling book, “Getting Everything You Can Out of What You’ve Got”

Fact is, most businesses run an ad (digital or print)… and that’s it.

It’s like telling a newborn baby, “Hey I fed you. Now you’re on your own kid.”

Becoming a preeminent brand does not happen with one ad.

To get the most profitable results from your marketing, it really does take a village. Ideally a village of consistent, frequent, hyper-targeted brand impressions over time. Without breaking the marketing budget!

Imagine the positive impact you’d realize by implementing just these 5 strategies below?

(NOTE: We make it easy for our clients to get maximum branding and exposure by supplying them with all the extra marketing materials you see below. Now they can use their article and/or podcast to brand their company beyond Gateway / Fort Myers, East Estero, and Naples in many other ways.)

#1 – Article Display (Framed & Digital Versions):

With every feature, comes a framed version of the story so you can further brand your company as the trusted authority by displaying it in your office. And a digital version is provided so you can reinforce your expert positioning on your website and social media. (See below examples.)

Good Neighbor Marketing Example - Article Display

#2 – Social Media:

We create custom Facebook posts so you can quickly & easily promote your published article & podcast. (See examples below.)

Good Neighbor Marketing - Social Media Posts

#3 –  Email Marketing:

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to stay front of mind is email marketing. Now you have something of value to share with your email list that positions your company as an industry leader.

#4 – Blog / SEO:

Get more local visitors to your website. Simply copy and paste your magazine article content onto your blog to improve your SEO and Google ranking!

#5 – Podcast:

Podcast Posts - Social MediaPeople buy from people they know, like & trust. And other than meeting face-to-face, there’s no better way to educate, build trust and enhance the “Buyers Journey” than a podcast. ALL types of businesses could benefit from a podcast. It’s a quick and powerful way to increase Google rankings, enhance website SEO, establish authority positioning, and more.

Reference the 61 Benefits Checklist – Podcast Marketing Items #39 – #54 for all the details.

And remember to print out this handy checklist of our 61 Benefits of Good Neighbor Marketing for more proven ways to generate all the dollars you can from your advertising.

Download here: www.61Benefits.com

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