EP #10: Bonita Bee Airport Express with Tim Maher

Good Neighbor Podcast with Bonita Bee Airport Express

What Makes Bonita Bee Airport Express a Good Neighbor…

The Bonita Bee Airport Express was born in Bonita Bay here in Bonita Springs in 2000.  Started by Bob and Kathy Patterson, they built the company from one Town Car in their driveway to a 5 car service that opened up office across 41 from Bonita Bay at the Bonita Storage Inn.  In 2006 the Patterson’s sold the company to a local couple, Dan and Jody Costello, who were teachers in Bonita Springs at the time.  Jody and Dan threw themselves into the company and grew it further.  Increasing the number of clients and building the strong reputation the company has for reliability and quality service.  In 2013 the Costello’s sold the company to Dr. and Mrs. G.L. Hicks.  Their son Greg managed the company for 2 years and experienced some difficulties.  In the fall of 2015 Dr. Hicks’s daughter Nicole and her husband Tim moved to Florida and assumed management of the company.  Since their arrival the fleet has more than doubled in size from 7 to 16 vehicles.  They have revamped the reservation system, website, and company policies to modernize and streamline the business. They have made it their mission to continue the long standing traditions of the company.  An “On Time Every Time” goal and dedication to customer satisfaction is paramount to the company’s culture.  That dedication has seen the Bonita Bee named “Best Of Bonita and Estero” 9 years in a row and “Best of the Gulf Shore” for the past 2 years.

As a reservation car service, the Bonita Bee encourages clients to book in advance.  When you book you flight the Bonita Bee should be your next call!  The Bonita Bee provides, primarily, airport transportation to and from the airport of your choosing.  However, the company also transports clients going on cruises to sea ports around the state.  The Bonita Bee also provides transport to doctors appointments of all kinds,  dinner dates or general nights on the town, and as a pet friendly service, have also been known to transport clients and their furry companions to the veterinarian for routine visits.  The Bonita Bee’s philosophy is that “We are willing to take you anywhere you’d like to go so long as you’re willing to pay the bill!” =)

With the advent of the Covid-19 virus many clients are rightfully concerned about the Bonita Bee Airport Express’s safety measures.  Luckily the owner is an MD, his daughter is an RN and the General Manager and Assistant Manager, are both retired EMT-Paramedics!  When the news began breaking about the virus the company jumped in to action and secured a stockpile of hand gel and disinfectant wipes and cleaners.  All of the vehicles in the fleet were subject to a deep cleaning and new policies were put into place requiring staff to disinfect each vehicle at the start of their day and between each client. Our drivers are not required to wear masks however clients can specifically request that the driver do so when booking their reservation if they choose.

The Bonita Bee Airport Express is happy to celebrate our 20th year in operation and would like to thank the Good Neighbor Podcast for featuring our business.  The Bee looks forward to serving Bonita Springs and the surrounding communities this year and for the next 20 years!

To learn more about Bonita Bee Airport Express go to: BonitaBee.com

Bonita Bee Airport Express
8841 W. Terry St.
Bonita Springs, FL 34135


(239) 948-5001

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