EP #116: Pelletiere Healing Center with Michele Pelletiere

Good Neighbor Podcast with Pelletiere Healing Center

What Makes Pelletiere Healing Center a Good Neighbor…

Our mission is to serve people who are ready to discover and participate in the process of their own healing by passionately and respectfully supporting the process with individualized care and educational programs. To facilitate, with love and honor, an individual’s journey from discomfort and pain to an improved quality of life and expanded range of wellbeing.

The care offered in Dr. Michele’s office extends beyond a temporary fix of your problem. Through wellness education and exploration of new resources, you will be able to transform your stress, pain and other problems into gifts that will optimize your life. Why wait to experience your authentic self? There is only today, and the time is now to live your life to the fullest.

To learn more about Pelletiere Healing Center, go to: http://www.backtowellbeing.com/

Pelletiere Healing Center
3411 Bonita Beach Rd SW Suite 302
Bonita Springs, FL 34134
(239) 949-1222

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