EP #123: Gigi Clean with Gigi & Fred Bachmann

Good Neighbor Podcast with Gigi Clean

What Makes Gigi Clean a Good Neighbor…

Gigi Clean®️ provides an elevated level of home detailing, home watch and curated services. Gigi Clean® is nationally recognized as a certified GREEN business using only GREEN cleaning products, equipment, and techniques. The cleaning products we use are safe for you, your family, your pets, and the environment.Our exceptional home services are matched by utilizing superior equipment and technology.

Our team will detail everything in your home—consistent, and concentrating on the details every time.

At Gigi Clean®️, we don’t clean houses,we detail homes®️

To learn more about Gigi Clean®️, go to: https://gigiclean.net/

Gigi Clean
6017 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 225
Naples, FL 34119

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