EP #143 – Buffalo Chips Restaurant with Chip Greenwood

Good Neighbor Podcast with Buffalo Chips

What Makes Buffalo Chips Restaurant a Good Neighbor…

The locals and tourists all seem to enjoy Buffalo Chip’s because it’s more than just a restaurant or bar, it’s a place to come, relax and talk to all kinds of people about anything. We have solved all the world’s problems here at least 4 times over in our daily meetings at the bar. The people that come to Buffalo Chip’s make it a great place. You never know who will be here on any given day. They could be famous, a hard-working blue collar guy, some wealthy folks, a nice Mexican family or some guy looking for 5 bucks to borrow. They all seem to get along together and have a good time. Lotsa folks have come and gone over the years, leaving their own little legacy with us.We are so glad to have our faithful customers (friends) which have been coming for years.

To learn more about Buffalo Chips Restaurant, go to: https://www.buffalochipsrestaurant.tv/

Buffalo Chips Restaurant
26620 Old 41 Rd.
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
(239) 947-1000

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