EP #157 – Hibernian Private School with Lisa Herman & Nikki Scarpaci

Good Neighbor Podcast with Hibernian Private School

What Makes Hibernian Private School a Good Neighbor…

Hibernian Private School is a boutique college preparatory school developing students with individualized attention, cross-curricular teaching & a culture that encourages each student’s passions and personality.

Established in 2001, the emphasis from the beginning has been a low student-to-teacher ratio, facilitating unparalleled individualized learning. Class sizes range from 2-10 students offering personalized education in every class.

Hibernian serves grades 6-12, with postgraduate opportunities for up to two years. The school re-opened in August 2019 with new leadership.

To learn more about Hibernian Private School, go to: https://www.hibernianprivateschool.com/

Hibernian Private School
1950 Clayton Court
Fort Myers, FL 33907

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