EP #162: Home Select Rx with Jusetty Fiol

Good Neighbor Podcast with Home Select Rx

What Makes Home Select Rx a Good Neighbor…

Your personal medical concierge, Home Select Rx is the premier choice in Home Health Aide/Companion and Cleaning Services. Whether selecting from one of our more extensive custom tailored private care programs, or our Deluxe Rx Cleaning Packages, we simply Out Shine, Out Clean, Out Perform all others!

This philosophy is present in all we do. Whether it be from the smallest errand to a need of 24-hour care. Our licensed professionals provide a personalized level of service that not only meets your needs, but often surpasses and anticipates them.

Our Health Aide Services are designed to promote independent living.By choosing, you are given access to:
♡Daytime/Event Companion
♡Prescription Pickup/Dropoff
♡Physician Appt.Liason
♡Local Errands/Shopping

Allow us to “WOW” you with our Cleaning Services. Our practices go well beyond the basic levels of home cleaning to offer also sanitizing. This selection not only ensures your home looks good, smells good, but IS good for the health and safety of your family.

Home Select Rx stands wholeheartedly behind your feeling “your home is your castle”. Thank you for allowing us to help enhance your tranquil sanctuary♡.

Home Select Rx
(239) 977-4278
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