EP #171: LIFEstrength Health Center with Dr. Duane Olson

Good Neighbor Podcast with LIFEStrength Health Center

What Makes LIFEstrength Health Center a Good Neighbor…

To guide and support others towards their optimal well-being through education and lifestyle medicine.

Optimal well-being NOT by fighting disease, but by building upon what is right.

We see all walks of life, and health, at LIFEstrength.

No matter where you are in your journey, we’re glad you’re here. Our style of health is pretty simple, we believe your body does the healing and we use some “tools” to help promote it. Nutrition, exercise, detoxification, chiropractic and education are the tools and they are optimized with both the doctor and the patient working together.

Yes, that is big “toolbox,” but it’s one that works remarkably well because the goal is the same for everyone; how do we help your body get as healthy as possible and keep your body there as long as possible?

To learn more about LIFEstrength Health Center, go to: https://lifestrengthhealthcenter.com/

LIFEstrength Health Center
4280 Tamiami Trl E
Suite 102
Naples, FL 34112
(239) 774-5433

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