EP #179: Symmetry Exercise Clinic with Jay Weitzner

Good Neighbor Podcast with Symmetry Exercise Clinic

What Makes Symmetry Exercise Clinic a Good Neighbor…

Symmetry Exercise Clinic offers two services.

You can work with the Certified Muscle System Specialist if traditional medical options have not helped you and you experience pain such as knee, shoulder, or back pain; if you’re tired of suffering daily from simple movements; or want to enjoy tennis, golf, pickleball, running, walking or gardening.

You can choose to work a Certified Personal Trainer if you have not found success with traditional fitness and exercise options. Our professional personal training steers clear of fads and relies on science.

Symmetry Exercise Clinic has been helping people in and around Naples, FL since 2013. We urge you to dig deeper, not settle for the same old techniques to help you either return to action or stay in action.

To learn more about Symmetry Exercise Clinic, go to: SymmetryExerciseClinic.com

Symmetry Exercise Clinic
1750 J and C Blvd #10
Naples FL 34109

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