EP #215: Omni Balanced Life Center with Jamie Kliewe

Good Neighbor Podcast with Omni Balanced Life

What Makes Omni Balanced Life Center a Good Neighbor…

Omni Balanced Life Center was created to demonstrate the Omni-present, Omni-potent, and Omni-scient characteristics of our Divine Creator of the Universe. We believe that each and every person is a unique Divine Creation modeled after a Loving Creator who infused unique gifts and talents into us with the purpose of carrying out a Divine Mission.

We believe that the Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional components of our being must be in balance to actualize Divine Harmony within us, perpetuating our Spiritual connection and giving us the best opportunity for abundant living in this lifetime.

We operate based on Christ-Centered core values of Truth, Love, Grace, Mercy and Compassion. Our Mission is to Empower People, Restore Balance and Change Lives. We pray Blessings and Abundant Life over all our clients, our team and anyone we may meet along the way!

To learn more about Omni Balanced Life Center, go to: https://omninaples.com/

Omni Balanced Life Center
720 Goodlette-Frank Rd #205
Naples, FL 34102
(239) 234-1608

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