EP #216: Grace Veterinary Center with Dr. Laura Laxton

Good Neighbor Podcast with Grace Veterinary Center

What Makes Grace Veterinary Center a Good Neighbor…

Our dedication to service is in our name – Grace – simple elegance for you and your pet. At Grace Veterinary Center, we believe in the importance of the human-animal bond by providing your family pet with fear free medicine, home-made pet nutrition, preventative care, grooming, medical services, and surgical needs. As a family-owned animal hospital, we want your dog or cat to feel at home with us while receiving a high standard of medicine. Because wagging tails make us happy, our commitment to you is quality care and kindness.

We love pets and their people too! We are also a central “Hub” in Estero for community and wellness events, including Puppy Yoga, Vet Camp for Kids, Reading with Senior Pets, Animal Rescue Adoptions, Dog Weddings, “Ask the Vet” pet care education series, the “Pup Cup Cafe” for homemade dog food and treats, and many more!

To learn more about Grace Veterinary Center, go to: https://gracevets.com

Grace Veterinary Center
20270 S Tamiami Trail
Estero, FL 33928

1 thought on “EP #216: Grace Veterinary Center with Dr. Laura Laxton”

  1. Outstanding interview with Dr. Laura.!!! She is spot on with her advice and skills. Its adorable to hear about the cute programs available that includes animals. I , as a long time animal rescue , am impressed with the level of care they provide physically, emotionally and mentally for their 4 legged clients and their people too.♡♡♡

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