EP #227: Matterhorn Fit with Ryan Vesce

Good Neighbor Podcast with Matterhorn Fit

What Makes Matterhorn Fit a Good Neighbor…

Matterhorn Fit is an advanced rehabilitation and training center located in Bonita Springs, FL. Founded by professional athlete Ryan Vesce and professional athlete trainer, Sean Sullivan, Matterhorn Fit is quickly becoming Southwest Florida’s leading rehabilitation and training center, with their proprietary brain based approach to pain management and movement. They have high profile clients, including over 40 professional athletes, 11 Olympians and hundreds of active seniors.

Today, more than 94% of Matterhorn Fit’s Clients have experienced a major reduction of pain within 2 weeks of treatment.

To learn more about Matterhorn Fit, go to: www.matterhornfit.com

Matterhorn Fit
25330 Bernwood Dr. Suite #2
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

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