EP #235: FIRPTA Solutions with Julie Lepore

Good Neighbor Podcast with FIRPTA Solutions

What Makes FIRPTA Solutions a Good Neighbor…

FIRPTA is an acronym that stands for the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980. This piece of the tax code requires the buyer to collect and remit a withholding tax to the IRS when the seller of the property is foreign. The process can be daunting and overwhelming at time but we like to think we make it easy!

FIRPTA Solutions Inc. is an accounting firm located in Cape Coral, Florida that focuses solely on FIRPTA related tax matters. Unlike other firms that offer multiple accounting products, FIRPTA Solutions’ narrow focus means that we don’t get bogged down during high-peak tax times. We help foreigners year-round to apply for US tax identification numbers, prepare applications for reduced withholding amounts, and file income tax returns to properly report the sale of the property and claim a refund if one is due. We also help buyer’s to understand their vital role in the FIRPTA withholding process and assist closing agents with the logistics of disbursing funds to the IRS.

To learn more about FIRPTA Solutions, go to: https://www.firptasolutions.com/

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