EP #27: Longevity Solutions with Sharon Bruno

Good Neighbor Podcast with Longevity Solutions

What Makes Longevity Solutions a Good Neighbor…

Longevity Solutions, Inc. is a Naples-based technology company specializing in proactive precision diagnostics, customized nutrition, personalized exercise, and regenerative therapies to extend the healthy human lifespan. The company is a turnkey solution for answering the question: “How Healthy Am I”?

Longevity comprises two medical approaches for lifelong health and fitness: a deep-dive assessment of a person’s true health status, including proprietary whole genome sequencing (DNA), advanced MRI imaging, and comprehensive labs; plus an adjunct fitness center which focuses on strength training and lifestyle modifications to diminish and prevent age-related diseases.

To learn more about Longevity Solutions go to:

Longevity Solutions
(239) 529-1777

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