EP #30 – Be Well In Paradise with Peggy Sealfon

Good Neighbor Podcast with Be Well In Paradise

What Makes Be Well In Paradise a Good Neighbor…

Peggy Sealfon is a Personal Development Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and internationally-recognized as an expert on dealing with stress and anxiety.

Peggy effectively coaches clients (and corporate groups) in a blend of Western and Eastern traditions. Her fast-track, cutting-edge approaches improve performance and cultivate a more balanced, productive, happy and healthful life. She is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of BeWellinParadise.com as well as Chair of the Paradise Coast Wellness Alliance.

Her best selling book is Escape From Anxiety-Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies From A to Z.

Be Well in Paradise, co-founded by Peggy Sealfon and Winston White, is a county-wide initiative to bring all wellness business, services, products and practitioners together with the hospitality industry for collaboration and cooperation.

By working together, we create innovative wellness programs to serve the local Paradise Coast community (including Florida’s Everglades, Marco Island and Naples) as well as national and international travelers who want to kick-start healthier lifestyles. With travel curtailed during the pandemic, we are serving our community by participating in global wellness programs: Global Wellness Day (June 13th) and World Wellness Weekend (September 16-17)  as well as planning the 3rd Annual Paradise Coast Wellness Experience (Jan 16-17, 2021). Events are posted on the website.

To learn more about Be Well In Paradise go to: https://bewellinparadise.com

Peggy Sealfon
Personal Development Coach,
Productivity Strategist, Motivational Speaker & Author

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