EP #307: Dim Jandy Ranch with Jen Buffington

Good Neighbor Podcast with Dim Jandy Ranch

What Makes Dim Jandy Ranch a Good Neighbor…

I’ve always found goats to be funny and uplifting! For many years, I planned to have a goat farm and finally made it happen in 2019. We have 14 goats, mostly females. Most have been bottle-fed and are the amazing, sweet, curious souls that all the pictures and videos depict. We are milking, making cheese, ice cream, goat soaps and lotions, and more. It’s been such a fantastic experience, and everyone who comes here falls in love with these gentle, funny animals. I love being able to see the guests’ smiles when they attend goat yoga. They walk away feeling light and happy! We are also hoping to host elementary classes to teach them about goats and where milk comes from. Goat’s milk is so delicious and healthy!

The goat yoga is 1 1/2 hours. Guests arrive with their own mat, blanket or beach towel and get settled into a spot in the event pasture. We start by giving some background about the goats, their age, breed, gender, and their temperament. Guests receive a bottle of milk and a small bag of cookies to feed the goats. The goats are so excited to be released into the pasture with the guests. I open the gate, and the goats come running! Guests spend about 15 minutes feeding the goats, interacting and playing with them. Then our yoga instructor begins the yoga class. The goats remain in the pasture with the guests the entire time. I am on hand to keep the goats interactive and clean up anyone’s mat, in case of accidents. (Goats are not “mat trained.”) The yoga session ends and guests are free to stay around for more pictures and interaction.

To learn more about Dim Jandy Ranch, go to: https://dimjandy.com/

Dim Jandy Ranch
13151 Pinto Lane
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