EP #309: Estero United Methodist Church with Pastor Tim Carson

Good Neighbor Podcast with Estero United Methodist Church

What Makes Estero United Methodist Church a Good Neighbor…

Our Vision: To send ordinary people, transformed by God’s grace, to proclaim the kingdom of God in our lives, communities, and world.

Our mission is to CONNECT to God and each other, GROW in love for God and each other, and SERVE God and the world Jesus died for.

The Church is a group of imperfect people who have been drawn together by their mutual service as Disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Church exists for two primary purposes.

1. To spread the message of Jesus Christ by winning the right to be heard by those outside the church through acts of service, healing, justice, and mercy. This was Jesus and the early churches method of spreading the news of who Jesus was and what he offered.

2. To train those who have committed to follow Jesus to live lives that are fully integrated with their faith.

To learn more about Estero United Methodist Church, go to: https://esteroumc.com/

Estero United Methodist Church
8088 Lord’s Way
Estero, FL 33928
(239) 992-5516

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