EP #311: Pup Defense with Andy Kunz

Good Neighbor Podcast with Pup Defense

What Makes Pup Defense a Good Neighbor…

PupDefense is an all organic, non-toxic, Cane Toad repellent that will help you keep your dogs safe when they are wandering your property. PupDefense was specifically developed and tested to keep your dogs safe from Cane Toads while not harming the environment. PupDefense is EPA exempt and registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and ConsumerServices Bureau of Pesticides.

To learn more about Pup Defense, go to: https://pupdefense.com/

Pup Defense

2 thoughts on “EP #311: Pup Defense with Andy Kunz”

  1. Thank you so much for Pup Defense! My chiweenie was almost gone because of a bufo toad. I heard about your product, and I am so thankful I did.

  2. I was so forward to using this product, do to delivery issues that I never had with any other deliveries. I never received it when I contacted the company to ask them where was my product? They told me it was returned and that they had no more of the size I ordered, but they would send it to me when they receive it. I didn’t think that was the right response. They should’ve given me another size or offered me an alternative.
    Then when I wrote the company, ask him don’t they care about their customers? I received a very rude response.
    the comment was” we don’t deal with attitudes like this” Maybe they didn’t learn that in business 1 oh one the customers always right and you try to please the customer not get rude and sassy with them. I hope your product fails because you’ll never make it in business with negative response.

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