EP #319: Walter Salazar Pest Control with Walter Salazar

Good Neighbor Podcast with Walter Salazar Pest Control

What Makes Walter Salazar Pest Control a Good Neighbor…

We specialize in providing superior pest suppression services, directed with quality customer service. We separate ourselves from the competition by building relationships with our family members, and providing detailed notes, to target our customers, and ensure we are the perfect fit for each other. If there are ever any issues in between services, we come back out free of charge, within 24 hours of the call. This puts us paces ahead of our competition. If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to reach out anytime!!!

To learn more about Walter Salazar Pest Control, go to: https://www.waltersalazarpestcontrol.com/

Walter Salazar Pest Control
704 Leeland Heights Blvd W
Lehigh Acres, FL 33936

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