EP #346: Lactation Whisperer with Juana Rodriguez

Good Neighbor Podcast with Lactation Whisperer

What Makes Lactation Whisperer a Good Neighbor…

Virtual counseling &Home visits are done to help with any breastfeeding issues you may have. Contact me if you are considering breastfeeding /chest feeding your new baby or you would like help to overcome any current breastfeeding/chest feeding obstacles.Nursing help is given by an IBCLC with 25 years of experience helping families that are giving human milk to their little ones. Any needed breastfeeding supplies may be purchased and delivered to your home when the lactation consult is done. Help can come to your home, to reduce the need to travel with a small newborn.

To learn more about Lactation Whisperer, go to: https://lactationwhisperer.com/

Lactation Whisperer
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