EP #349: Bo’s Electric with Steve Hayden

Good Neighbor Podcast with Bo's Electric

What Makes Bo’s Electric a Good Neighbor…

Bo’s Electric will build on over 40 years of great reputation Southwest Florida by continuing to be a top rate customer focused organization and providing innovative safety and security applications at a fair price.

Due to the unpredictability of Hurricanes and the potential for frequent power losses, currently there is a huge push to install Automatic Whole Home Generator’s. We have been Generator Specialist for decades, and are proud to explain that 80% of our companies business is in the Automatic Whole Home Generator industry.

  • Bo’s will seek to provide customers with a pleasant experience in all we do and will ultimately leave the customer with a peace of mind that in case of an emergency they are fully prepared.
  • Bo’s will seek to safeguard homes and business with advanced solutions in access control that will look out for the safety of family, friends, and associates.

To learn more about Bo’s Electric, go to: https://www.boselectric.com/

Bo’s Electric
5650 Halifax Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33912
(239) 275-4502

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