EP #390: Oak Creek Charter School of Bonita Springs with Jose Rubio

Good Neighbor Podcast with Oak Creek Charter School

What Makes Oak Creek Charter School of Bonita Springs a Good Neighbor…

The mission of Oak Creek Charter School of Bonita Springs is to prepare students of Lee County in grades K-8 for success in high school and beyond. To fulfill its mission, OCCS will utilize a rigorous curriculum combined with an ongoing assessment program. To the academic program, the school will add daily instruction in fitness and health and an integrated character education program.

OCCS has several specific goals for success, including an overall goal to provide a model of excellence that links public education as deeply and broadly as possible with the resources and activities of the larger community, in order to both customize education and to provide much needed support and nurturing for student who are enrolled in school.

Students in the target community will find the educational opportunities at OCCS geared toward the education of students and families interested in an academically rigorous curriculum combined with a strong health and fitness program and an emphasis on character development, using a carefully designed purposeful character development curriculum with specific weekly lessons and goals.

To learn more about Oak Creek Charter School of Bonita Springs, go to: https://www.oakcreekcharter.org/

Oak Creek Charter School of Bonita Springs
28011 Performance Lane
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
(239) 498-6864

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