EP #401: Express Turf Renovation LLC with Carlos Osorio

Good Neighbor Podcast with Express Turf Renovation

What Makes Express Turf Renovation LLC a Good Neighbor…

Our mission is to provide the best high quality service for a reasonable price.

As your Naples Landscaper we install colorful tropical gardens, landscape hedging and privacy screening, Newly Sodded Lawns, butterfly gardens, flowering trees and specialty plants like Topiary Bougainvillea. We take great care to communicate with you and understand your needs. We can set out the plants at your home before we install them.

As a pro Naples Landscaper we take extra care of your tree planting project. We can plant almost any size trees from a small container Foxtail Palm to a 30ft. Florida Royal Palm Tree.

Leave the hard dangerous tree work to our professionals. We maintain trees, remove dead growth, limb up overgrowing trees, brace and anchor as needed. When the time comes that a large tree has to be taken down, we have the know-how, equipment and man power to safely remove trees.

To learn more about Express Turf Renovation LLC, go to: https://express-landscaper.com/

Express Turf Renovation LLC
18569 Tulip Rd
Fort Myers, FL 33967
(239) 848-8290

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