EP #460: Insurance Simplified with Anthony Idaspe

Good Neighbor Podcast with Insurance Simplified

What Makes Insurance Simplified a Good Neighbor…

Medicare is confusing! On top of trying to understand the ins and outs of Medicare itself, one must then try to decipher the laundry list of insurance companies and products available every year. Insurance Simplified was created to help consumers better understand the confusing world of Medicare and assist clients in navigating the many choices they have for Medicare health insurance plans. At Insurance Simplified we believe there is no such thing as a one-size fits most insurance plan. As an independent insurance agency we represents a long list of insurance companies and products. This extends a level of comfort to our clients, assuring them that each of their unique needs for their health, lifestyle, and finances are properly met with their health coverage.

All of Insurance Simplified’s services are FREE. Whether you are turning 65, looking to retire and leave your group insurance, or already on a Medicare health plan, Insurance Simplified offers FREE consultations and plan reviews. With Insurance Simplified you no longer need to tackle Medicare on your own. Medicare is confusing. Insurance Simplified makes it simple.

To learn more about Insurance Simplified, go to: http://www.inssimplified.com

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