EP #466: Little Beach Spa with Rhonda Murray

Good Neighbor Podcast with Little Beach Spa

What Makes Little Beach Spa a Good Neighbor…

Little Beach Spa specializes in relaxation of mind and body. I work with clients to help them get to a level of relaxation and comfort so that treatments can be most beneficial. Each client receives a personalized, custom session according to their needs. In addition to traditional Massage and Skin Care services, relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises and aromatherapy can be incorporated. My goal is to help clients address and alleviate muscular pain, skin issues, and stress. Through the use of a variety of modalities, tools, and products, clients receive effective results. Little Beach Spa is located in a quiet, private studio that offers one-to-one service. Clients tell me they leave feeling refreshed, de-stressed, and with increased ease of mobility.
I am passionate about helping people feel and look their best.

To learn more about Little Beach Spa, go to: www.littlebeachspa.com

Little Beach Spa
15050 Elderberry Ln., Suite 4-7
Fort Myers, Florida 33907

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