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Good Neighbor Podcast with Lee Hartman Life Coaching

What Makes Lee Hartman Life Coaching a Good Neighbor…

My crusade is to help folks believing the one minute on your lips, lifetime on your hips mantra. Healthy food is your ally for vitality, mental clarity and joy! Don’t count calories, count nutrition for brilliant performance along with ideal weight.

Healthy fat contains vitamin D, E, A and K which we needed during the pandemic. Steak, pork and lamb contain B12, CLA the fat burning nutrient, along with everything else we need in complete protein. I loaded up on beef and lamb browned in fat and lost 10 lbs without trying during quarantine. I was also satiated, happy and energetic in spite of the crisis. The fact diet is at least 80% of your weight is true; we were prohibited from gyms and even being outside. Let me help you change your life. The extra energy you acquire from eating well will give you focus for other areas, business, relationships, family which I will also support with planning, goals and accountability. I look forward to collaborating with you.

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