EP #471: Midwest Food Bank – FL Division with Kelly Apfel

Good Neighbor Podcast with Midwest Food Bank

What Makes Midwest Food Bank – FL Division a Good Neighbor…

Midwest Food Bank Florida is a faith based nonprofit focused on food and disaster relief. Originating in IL in 2003 when a local farmer turned his barn into a food site for local people in need. Since then the mission has grown to 10 US locations and 2 international. The MFB Florida warehouse in Fort Myers opened in 2014, now supporting over 172 nonprofit partner agencies (churches, schools. Veteran supports, mobile kitchens etc.). We act as the middle man, rescuing food from large, nationwide food distributors (Kellogg’s, Nestle, Tyson etc.) and transporting it back to our warehouse, where we then distribute and donate it 100% free to our local communities in need. We bridge the gap between those with excess and those with none. We turn $1 donation into $34 worth of food, ensuring 99% of all funding goes directly to our food relief programs. In 2020, MFBFL rescued and donated over $52million dollars worth of food, feeding 2.4 million hungry Florida individuals.

To learn more about Midwest Food Bank – FL Division, go to: https://midwestfoodbank.org/locations/fort-myers-fl

Midwest Food Bank – FL Division
5601 Division Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33905

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