EP #506: Starlink Realty with Ernesto Rijavec

Good Neighbor Podcast with Starlink Realty

What Makes Starlink Realty a Good Neighbor…

Starlink Realty was designed and implemented with a clear purpose: to re-define the residential real estate brokerage and bring about positive changes and progress to an industry that has lacked forward thinking for decades.

In early 2006, two young brokers decided to challenge conventional wisdom by creating a unique brokerage concept that focused specifically on the needs of real estate agents; an unprecedented proposal for the industry at the time.

The results of this unique philosophy have been nothing short of remarkable. By combining new methodologies with world-class support, impeccable training, creativity, and vision, Starlink Realty continues to realize its purpose and mission. See for yourself.

To learn more about Starlink Realty, go to: https://www.starlinkrealty.com/

Starlink Realty
1567 Hayley Lane, Suite 205
Fort Myers, FL 33917

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