EP #528: Alair Homes with Susie Lemieux

Good Neighbor Podcast with Alair Homes

What Makes Alair Homes a Good Neighbor…

With Alair Homes Living Better Starts Here.™ The approach is simple, and the process is proven. It starts with focusing on the human experience, and understanding the normal construction process is often uncertain, uncomfortable and at times, very stressful.

By eliminating risk and uncertainty through the proprietary ClientControl™ process developed by Alair, each project is completely planned in advance, so there are as few surprises along the way. Once planned, an experienced Project Manager leads every step of the project and documents it end-to-end in full transparency and detail for the homeowner. Perhaps it’s what even makes Alair unique in an industry that sometimes forgets its important origins as protectors of people and builders of community.

To learn more about Alair Homes, go to: https://www.alairhomes.com/sanibel/

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