EP #536: Everglades Foundation with Eric Eikenberg

Good Neighbor Podcast with Everglades Foundation

What Makes The Everglades Foundation a Good Neighbor…

For a quarter of a century, The Everglades Foundation’s commitment to restore and protect the Everglades has been driven by science. Founded in 1993 by two outdoor enthusiasts — the late George Barley and Paul Tudor Jones II — The Everglades Foundation works tirelessly to bring people together and provide a powerful voice for Everglades restoration at the state and national levels.

Today, The Everglades Foundation stands as a well-respected authoritative source for scientific research on the Everglades. Our renowned scientists are passionate seekers of the truth, dedicated to unearthing the facts and conducting practical analysis to help local, state, and national leaders make well-informed decisions. By coupling sound science with policy expertise, the Foundation is positioned as one of the most influential players in the fight to preserve and restore one of the world’s most unique wetlands.

To learn more about Everglades Foundation, go to: www.evergladesfoundation.org

Everglades Foundation
18001 Old Cutler Road, Suite 625
Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157

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