EP #544: Orangetheory Fitness with Alex Hernandez

Good Neighbor Podcast with Orangetheory Fitness

What Makes Orangetheory Fitness a Good Neighbor…

Orangetheory is a heart-rate based HIIT total-body group workout that combines science, coaching and technology to guarantee maximum results from the inside out. It’s designed to charge your metabolism for more caloric afterburn, more results, more confidence, all to deliver you more life!

During our workout, your coach will guide you through 5 different heart rate zones: resting, easy, challenging, uncomfortable and All Out, telling you when to push harder and when to pull back for recovery. Visit us today at Orangetheory.com and try your first class, FREE!

To learn more about Orangetheory Fitness, go to: https://www.orangetheory.com/en-us/

Orangetheory Fitness
1900 Tamiami Trail N,
NAPLES, Florida 34102

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