EP #572: Hemp Joi of SW Florida with Steve Katz

Good Neighbor Podcast with Hemp Joi

What Makes Hemp Joi of SW Florida a Good Neighbor…

Hemp Joi was founded in 2019 when Annette Katz discovered how beneficial CBD/Hemp is while working as a home health nurse. As a result of Annette’s foresight, we decided to bring a new type of CBD store to Southwest Florida. Hemp Joi’s vision is to have a casual atmosphere where customers could shop in a relaxed fashion with NO pressure. Since I am an accountant by training with little sales experience, I wanted the products to do the selling. As a result, our mantra is to “Try before you buy”. We give out samples every day to ensure the products work for our customer so that when they purchase, they know what they are getting.

What Products Do We Offer?
Hemp Joi takes pride in selling amazing, high-quality products. All our products have the proper Certificate of Analysis (COA’s) produced by independent 3 rd party testing labs. Each of these COA’s state the level of cannabinoids in the product as well as the results for testing for residuals in the product. These COA’s are available upon request. At Hemp Joi we offer products to help reduce anxiety and inflammation. Our high strength topicals work to relieve localized pain consisting of roll-ons and lotions. We also offer sublingual oils in different spectrums and strengths for full body relief. In addition to sublingual oils, we offer a wide variety of edibles. These edibles are mostly in the form of gummies, but we also have chocolates and powder for beverages.

How Does the Program Work?
After our initial presentation at your facility, we will leave several information packets and order forms at your location. Once you have decided what products you want, please complete the order form. We will visit your location on Fridays to fill the orders. We accept most credit cards and cash.

To learn more about Hemp Joi of SW Florida, go to: https://hempjoi.com/

Hemp Joi of SW Florida
9011 Daniels Pkwy #103
Fort Myers, FL 33912

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