EP #591: Gulfshore Fitness with Dave Kunes

Good Neighbor Podcast with Gulfshore Fitness

What Makes Gulfshore Fitness a Good Neighbor…

Gulfshore Fitness is a Personal Training Studio specializing in Strength and Conditioning programs for all ages and skill levels. We offer both in-studio and Virtual Training services online. Whether your goal is weight loss, improving sport performance, or simply to move more confidently and get stronger, we can help you get in the best shape of your life. What distinguishes us from some of the big box gyms is a private, personalized training experience. We have a strategic and deliberate approach to training, prioritizing exercises that work best in conjunction with the client’s goals, not a one size fits all approach. All of our training programs incorporate learning of the basic compound movements and functional training methods, which include unilateral, balancing, and core stability exercises. These are designed to address any dysfunctions and asymmetries your body might have in order to restore good movement patterns, maintain muscle and address chronic pain. We pride ourselves in helping our clients to achieve not only their individual goals but helping them to build a sustainable workout program that they can stick with long term.

If you’re just starting a training program for the first time or want to know how to take your fitness to the next level, our expert trainers can guide you. We have over 30 years combined experience in training athletes, military personnel, and seniors. Each of our clients have a different transformation journey which is why we specialize in designing programs that are unique to them. If you’ve struggled with weight loss, chronic pain, or just getting motivated to exercise, give us a chance to prove to you how much we care about your health and fitness. Contact us today for a free fitness assessment session and let us help you get results that last!

To learn more about Gulfshore Fitness, go to: www.gulfshorefitness.com

Gulfshore Fitness
28280 Old 41 Rd
Bonita Springs
(239) 785-3375

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