EP #614: Posh Pups with Rani Turner

Good Neighbor Podcast with Posh Pups

What Makes Posh Pups a Good Neighbor…

We are a full service pet grooming salon, family owned and operated.

My husband and I started the business because we didn’t like the way other shops were run. Dogs would come in and have a different person each time, which is very hard on them. Some dogs would be left sitting for hours and not get any attention. Other places, it was each groomer for themselves. So we decided to change that.

Here, the dogs and cats are handled according to their needs. If they need to lay down, they can; if they need a cheerleader, we give them one! They always have the same groomer and know all staff as friends. We do NOT throw old dogs and cats away, they can come here until they pass. We work together and help hold and comfort them for any of their trepidations. Some of our elderly clients need someone to help hold them up or convince them to rest.

To learn more about Posh Pups, go to: https://www.facebook.com/Posh-Pups-llc-110516395677691/

Posh Pups
12811 Commerce Lakes Dr Suite 20
Fort Myers, FL 33913

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