EP #617: Coolair with Mark Pruskauer

Good Neighbor Podcast with Coolair

What Makes Coolair a Good Neighbor…

Coolair began our journey servicing SW Florida from Marco to Port Charlotte in 2001. We have been honored to not only raise our families at Coolair, but also have them join us in servicing our community. Mark Pruskauer, Veronica Pruskauer and Pat LaMantia are the Owners of Coolair. The Owners are at the office daily to oversee all operations. We have grown to 48 employees and over 30 service vehicles.

All of our skilled service men and women go through rigorous training to provide the highest level of service and peace of mind to our customers, satisfying their every need. We are a 24/7 service company with no “after” hours charges.

We know that there are a lot of choices in SW Florida for air conditioning. So, what sets Coolair apart from the others? First and foremost, it is our service. Air conditioners and their parts can be purchased by any air conditioning company. However, our superior level of service can only be experienced by Coolair. All our customers are part of the Coolair family and that is how we choose to treat them all – as family! We are grateful for the people we have been privileged to work with who have created this Coolair environment. We are a Ruud Pro Partner, Diamond Elite Mitsubishi and Elite Fujitsu Contractor and Indoor Air Quality Specialist. In addition to HVAC, we also offer top notch plumbing and electrical services.

To learn more about Coolair, go to: www.coolair-inc.com

2837 Fowler Street
Fort Myers, FL 33901

1 thought on “EP #617: Coolair with Mark Pruskauer”

  1. nancy richardson

    Just experienced a wonderful afternoon. yes, might say what’s so wonderful about losing your air conditioning. However, it gave us the opportunity to meet one of the employees of your company who, also, made us feel reassured that he’d have everything off and running in no time. During his repairs we noticed how’d he almost galloped back and forth from his van not wasting time. We’ve lived here in SW. FL for 40 years full time and have dealt with many a repairman with AC’s. Ryan is exceptional. He answers our questions with a smile every time even when we’re interrupting. He’s a bright man with good manners. Even my husband liked Ryan (my husband is a retired Professor of ODU) and John is quite experienced with the behaviorisms of people , to say the least. So, it was a nice afternoon shared with such a thoughtful member of society which isn’t seen a lot of these days. All and all, it was a job well done leaving everything cleaned up and intact, too.
    Don’t let this one get away! He’s a keeper. He will always be an asset to your company. And, We’re here to say we want Ryan at all times from this service call on.
    Thank you, and thank you for sending Ryan
    Nancy and John Richardson of Bonita Springs

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