EP #639: All Seasons Home Watch with David Hernandez

Good Neighbor Podcast with All Seasons Home Watch

What Makes All Seasons Home Watch a Good Neighbor…

When you leave your property in the hands of a home watch company, always be sure they are qualified, insured and accountable. Your second home is a huge investment!

A diversified background is a valuable asset. Home watch business owners have been successful in prior careers and all of these skills certainly add to their value.

David is a perfect example. He served in the US Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer in Okinawa and Camp Lejeune. He has a construction background including remodeling and painting as well as experience in condominium maintenance. Managing the office of auto body repair shop for over 9 years certainly honed his quality control and customer service skills. David is a licensed Home Inspector as well.

He utilizes those skills to offer exceptional home watch services to seasonal residents in Lee County. Under David’s watchful eye, homeowners can rest easy knowing that his experience makes him an excellent advocate and liaison.

To learn more about All Seasons Home Watch, go to: https://allseasonshomewatch.com/

All Seasons Home Watch
13650 Fiddlesticks Blvd # 202-133
Fort Myers, FL 33912

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