EP #648: My Self Wellness Ketamine Clinic with Charles Patti

Good Neighbor Podcast with My Self Wellness

What Makes My Self Wellness Ketamine Clinic a Good Neighbor…

We exist to assist and empower you on your health and wellness journey by combining the healing benefits of ketamine with new lifestyle practices for a full mental reset. We help you get back to wellness so you can live a happy and joy-filled life again.

You can transcend your traumas and let go of obstacles on every level of physical, psychological, and spiritual blockages.

MY Self Wellness is home to a network of loving and conscious practitioners who will empower and assist you in unblocking your natural healing energies.

To learn more about My Self Wellness Ketamine Clinic, go to: https://myselfwellness.center/

My Self Wellness Ketamine Clinic
3541 Bonita Bay Blvd, #200
Bonita Springs, FL 34134
(239) 908-9958

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