EP #650: Advance Solar & Energy with Brian Goldberg & Brian Reznor

Good Neighbor Podcast with Advance Solar

What Makes Advance Solar & Energy a Good Neighbor…

We’re passionate about utilizing the power of the sun’s rays to positively influence the environment. In addition, you’ll realize monthly savings on your electric bill with the installation of a solar energy system, sometimes eliminating energy bills altogether. We provide services that include solar financing consultations, solar heating system installation, and solar panel repair.

Here at Advance Solar & Spa, our work is high-quality, and affordable financing options are available. Whether you want to install solar roof panels on your home or a commercial photovoltaic system at your place of business, contact us today for more info.

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1 thought on “EP #650: Advance Solar & Energy with Brian Goldberg & Brian Reznor”

  1. I would never use this company again for anything go to the BBB and read the reviews, well they did the same thing to me at My home in Bokeelia here is what happened to me. After hurricane Ian I had to have my roof replaced and called them to have them remove and then replace the system after my roof was completed. The first one-man crew came here badmouthing Advance solar right from the start saying things like I am leaving this company I don’t want to work for them anymore and so on. Well I gave him a box to put all the parts in that he took off my roof. When it came time to reinstall the system, I went into the box and I cataloged al the parts and it was missing $271.00 in missing parts that I had to order so when they came to reinstall the system all the parts world be here ready for them I still have yet to be reimbursed for these missing parts. Now it comes time for them to do the reinstall and can you believe it when the two-man crew showed up the lead technician was also openly badmouthing this company what are the odds of that? So now I am really paying attention to what he is doing and it is a total nightmare as this man did over $2000 worth of damage to my brand new $33,000 roof he crushed my brand new Ridge cap vents,$160.00 just for this part and drilled the holding brackets in the wrong location which had to be relocated so now I have all this ugly black silicone all over the place covering screw holes going into my roof going to nothing, if that wasn’t bad enough he spilled caustic fluid PVC glue or primer not in just one area but multiple areas showing his haphazard none professional and defective work OH its gets better. Now he is drilling the hole for the temp sensor in the pluming and then he tried to install a factory temp sensor and he drilled the wrong size hole and then broker the sensor trying to force it into to a hole that was too small a NOVICE type mistake. So he cut off the new wire grey(found it in the trash latter) and tossed it away and used black tape to splice in an old brown speaker wire and an aftermarket sensor he then made the roof sensor to short and so its in the shade allot of the time in the spring and fall so not operating correctly EVER. The man who came out here to fix the items the first man left here also didn’t have the wire needed to extend the sensor height on the roof so when he left, he said he would return but he never did. This man also saw the damage to my roof the second installer did so the company was aware of it. I also sent photos in five emails on 8/18/.2023 they were never answered than they sent the final bill of $560 and demanded payment for this job even though its never functioned properly I then sent this fixer guy a text message asking them to drop this final bill as I have $2000 in damage out of pocket now $271. for parts I have to have another solar company comerout and fix the roof temp sensor that cost is $300 so just those two items the replacements for the missing parts $271 and now the solar repair $300 just those two items $571 are more than this final bill of $560 not to mention the at least $2000 in damage to my brand new $33,000 roof so I refused to pay this final bill and you can understand why. So, what did Mr. Goldberg do to me for being a good customer he got his lawyer to sue me in small claims court and now this man wants the $560 plus now $3000 for his lawyer how is this a good business model and now I go to the BBB website and see he has done the same thing to other upset customers. I refused to pay for their defective substandard workmanship and not until they did something about the damage to my roof is this is the way they handle a problem with a customer sue them ? now I have to hire a lawyer $5000 retainer and file a counter suit and they know this and it’s an unfair business tactic?

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