EP #661: Citra-Shield Cleaning Systems with Joe Macomber

Good Neighbor Podcast with Citra-Shield

What Makes Citra-Shield Cleaning Systems a Good Neighbor…

The Citra-Shield product was developed over 18 years ago specifically for the roofing industry to remove green & black algae, moss, mildew, fungus and lichen stains plus other stains or dirt causing the building to have an unsightly appearance in addition to a energy loss on white or commercial roofs. The product has grown in applications over the years and from just tile roofs to all types of roofing systems from asphalt to membrane commercial roofs and is now approved by several roofing manufacturers, i.e. FiberTite, Duro-Last & 2001 and we our presently working with other manufactures.  From the roof applications, Citra-Shield is now used in cleaning concrete, concrete statues, pavers, complete buildings, Dryvit & Parex USA type materials (EIFIS) buildings in addition many other areas and materials can be safely cleaned with Citra-Shield products.

The product itself eliminates the need for harmful power washing (reducing manpower) since most of the time high pressure washing will remove the protection of the product you are trying to clean plus on roof structures walking on tiles is never a good idea.  There are NO harmful chemicals within the product, eliminating any possibility of corrosion to your building, will not decay nails, clips, aluminum or other fasteners for your roofing system, it also will not harm plants,
shrubs or animals.

Citra-Shield is a green product, all EPA approved ingredients & BIODEGRADABLE.

Citra-Shield is applied with a low pressure system that is a NON-RINSE cleaner and preventive treatment that removes green & black algae, moss, mildew, fungus,
and lichen stains from roofs decks, walkways, pavers, brick, stucco, stone decks, composite decking materials and other exterior surfaces as mentioned above. The system works by attacking the root structure of the growth and continues cleaning the surface as it removes the unwanted growth. With a bi-annual or quarterly program application Citra-Shield will insure that the building or structure will remain as it appeared when new.

The Citra-Shield Cleaning Systems has been in business for over 28 years with three Citra Shield locations in the USA servicing thousands of businesses and home owners alike, we service over 250 hospitals with our complete services and have various national accounts across the USA.

We have supplied Disney Citra-Shield for the past several years and have worked with several groups performing test and complete projects. In addition we have worked with Sea World in various locations in Orlando, and as we discussed we have done the Orlando Convention Center – 1.4 million square ft. Of TPO roofing.

To learn more about Citra-Shield Cleaning Systems, go to: https://citrashield.com/

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