EP #664: Bonita Video with Antonio Correia

Good Neighbor Podcast with Bonita Video

What Makes Bonita Video a Good Neighbor…

Bonita Video LLC, is a local, award-winning, production team, in the film, video, and audio industry, for over 25 years.

From corporate projects, to non-profit work, to podcasts, and video blogs, we provide solutions, to everyone’s audio visual demands. Our format of choice is 4K, whether on the ground, or on the air, with our 107-certified, and insured professional drone operators.

Bonita Video LLC, is properly certified, and insured by the United States Liability Insurance Company.

To learn more about Bonita Video, go to: https://bonitavideo.com/

Bonita Video
17829 Oakmont Ridge Circle
Fort Myers, FL 33967
(239) 404-3377

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