EP #673: WellcomeMD with Dr. Melissa MacVenn

Good Neighbor Podcast with WellcomeMD

What Makes WellcomeMD a Good Neighbor….

WellcomeMD is a concierge primary care practice focused on patient wellness. We like to call our model, “Concierge 2.0,”as in: the next generation in concierge medicine. We offer same-day or next-day appointments, 90-minute annual physical exams, and comprehensive appointments, and full access: you have your doctor’s cellphone and email for emergencies. But we raise healthcare to the next level with extensive bloodwork and genetic testing, to assess potential health problems that can be prevented before the condition causes illness.

Advanced lab testing allows us to treat the “whole patient,” measuring often overlooked factors including enteric health, physical activity, hormonal balance, nutrition, sleep, and stress levels. We restrict membership, offering each member far more access to a doctor who knows them well. This allows Dr. MacVenn the time to work new research and healthy lifestyle changes into conversations with members. Our patients have 24-hour, 365-day access to their physician.

To learn more about WellcomeMD, go to: https://www.wellcomemd.com/naples-florida

11181 Health Park Blvd Suite 2260
Naples, FL 34110

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