EP #699: Chief Pride Judo with Nicole Rodriquez

Good Neighbor Podcast with Chief Pride Judo

What Makes Chief Pride Judo a Good Neighbor…

Judo – It is an Olympic sport, it’s basically wrestling with pajamas.

Great self-defense and promotes confidence, respect and discipline.

A good judoka is the knowledge about the anatomy of the body, both his own and that of his opponent. That way, they mange to throw easily. They work standing and do groundwork. Judo you try not to struggle against the strike, but you use in your favor.

We compete local, we travel within US and internationally.

We have about 60 students, offer 3 classes.

We have produced:

  • 15 National Champions
  • Over 20 Pan American Team Members with 15 Medalist and 6 Pan American Champions
  • 4 World Team Members

My husband, Danny Rodriguez, and I have owned Chief Pride Judo in SW Florida for 9 years. We have always been in the Gateway / Lehigh/ Ft Myers Area. We offer more than 47 years of experience.

We are a family oriented dojo, where kids build character and learn to deal with many different situations.

They learn to deal with winning and defeat. How to make long term goals and not just instant gratification.

To learn more about Chief Pride Judo, go to: http://www.chiefpridejudo.com/

Chief Pride Judo
11300 Lindbergh Blvd, Unit 111
Fort Myers, Fl , 33913

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