EP #710: Essential Aesthetics Skincare and Wellness with Janet Lemma

Good Neighbor Podcast with Essential Aesthetics

What Makes Essential Aesthetics Skincare and Wellness a Good Neighbor…

My name is Janet Lemma, and I am a licensed medical Aesthetician that focuses on skincare and wellness. I treat your skin with a combination of medical procedures and treatments as well as natural treatments to give you the healthiest, glowing, younger looking skin possible. We all age… how gracefully we do it is what counts.

I provide personalized treatments that help fight the signs of aging and reverse the harmful effects of sun damage on your skin. I offer many services including chemical peels, IPL Photo Rejuvenation Treatments, SHR Hair Removal, Antiaging treatments, microneedling, tightening treatments, dermaplaning, Infrared LED red yellow and blue light treatments, personalized hydro jelly masks, acne treatments, and Hydro Facials We use PCA Products which is a physician grade product.

To learn more about Essential Aesthetics Skincare and Wellness, go to: https://essentialaestheticskincare.com/

Essential Aesthetics Skincare and Wellness
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Fort Myers, FL 33901
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