EP #720 Mandala Counseling with Bri Jaworski

Good Neighbor Podcast with Mandala Counseling

What Makes Mandala Counseling a Good Neighbor…

Mandala Counseling Services, LLC was formed in the spirit of helping others heal; mind, body, and soul. Our belief is that counseling is progressive, interactive, trusting, loyal, and comfortable. No lying on a couch here… although you’re welcome to if that will make you feel more at ease! We at Mandala are always growing and changing and we assist and encourage our clients to do the same.

The most important part of therapy, in our humble opinion, is the relationship between the counselor and client. It is of utmost importance to us that you feel comfortable and supported here. We will do our absolute best to make this a time of positive growth and change for you.

To learn more about Mandala Counseling, go to: www.mandala-counseling.com

Mandala Counseling
6361 Presidential Ct Suite 101
Fort Myers, FL 33919

3403 Hancock Bridge Parkway Suite 2
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

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