EP #729: EuroTech Auto Service and Repair with Patrick Muhler

Good Neighbor Podcast with EuroTech Auto Service and Repair

What Makes EuroTech Auto Service and Repair a Good Neighbor…

We are an automobile care facility, an alternative to your dealer for European car repair. We offer the greatest level of knowledge and experience at a lower price than your local dealer or other auto-repair shops. We provide our customers with an extensive background in electronics, mechanics, and certification in BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, VW, and various other car makes and models. Each member of our team complements each other with a variety of key skills and knowledge. In addition to sharing a passion for cars, honesty, and helping people, we strive to meet clients’ full expectations and satisfaction. Come to meet a different concept of automobile care and the best-customized customer service.

To learn more about EuroTech Auto Service and Repair, go to: https://eurotechfl.com/

EuroTech Auto Service and Repair
7941 Drew Cir.
Fort Myers, FL 33967

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