EP #772: New You Body Contour Center with Bielka Bevillard

Good Neighbor Podcast with New You Body

What Makes New You Body Contour Center a Good Neighbor…

New You Body helps women and men in their beauty and wellness routine naturally by using non-invasive technologies. That means no pain, no needles, no recovery time, no side effects, and no health risks. New You Body is proud to be the ONLY company in Lee County to bring the latest LPG® technology, Endermologie, available in the beauty industry from France. Our body sculpting machine offers face and body treatments. In addition, we are excited to introduce our new EmSlim Neo® treatments to you. EmSlim Neo® is the latest device to hit the body sculpting industry and its one-of-a-kind technology is sweeping the nation by storm. Pick one or both treatments, but by combining these two innovative and non-invasive treatments the results will be faster. We ensure each patient’s experience is enjoyable and rewarding.

To learn more about New You Body Contour Center, go to: https://www.newyoubcc.com/

New You Body Contour Center
8660 College Pkwy
Suite 100
Fort Myers, FL 33919
(239) 351-5535

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