EP #773: Harmonia The Club with Sue Maxwell

Good Neighbor Podcast with Harmonia the Club

What Makes Harmonia The Club a Good Neighbor…

As a caring medical community at Harmonia The Club (Adult Day Care Center), we truly understand the tough decision that caregivers face. Most seniors want to remain in their homes as they grow older, at the same time caregivers may become overburdened quickly and then it is critical to seek help.

We provide a unique day experience with multiple activities offered to our “Club Members” that bring fun, entertainment and socialization. Morning Snack with Coffee, Lunch, Snacks — all healthy and tasty — are served daily to meet the dietary needs of our members. Our members join us Monday – Friday (9:30am – 5pm). Come and join us.

To learn more about Harmonia The Club, go to: https://www.harmoniatheclub.com/day-stay-decision

Harmonia The Club
3425 10th Street N, Suite 1
Naples, FL 34103

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