EP #785: ListenHEAR with Dr. Rachel Cohen

Good Neighbor Podcast with ListenHEAR

What Makes ListenHEAR a Good Neighbor…

Auditory Processing is what the brain does with what the ears hear. Children and Adults can have an Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) typically with normal hearing. Testing can be performed on children as young as 3.5 years old. Auditory Processing Disorders are TREATABLE with auditory training. ListenHEAR can help you understand spoken language better whether it is due to ear infections as a child or due to a traumatic brain injury!

ListenHEAR provides Auditory Processing evaluations and treatment both to the Southwest Florida region in person at the Estero office location and all around Florida and Pennsylvania online via telehealth. Dr. Cohen is an Audiologist, Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, and certified IEP Advocate. She was awarded the Clinician of the Year award by the Florida Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (FLASHA) in 2018. We are here to help you HEAR.

To learn more about ListenHEAR, go to: www.listenhear.net

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